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Precision-Building for Jet Engines: 7 Reasons GE Trusts ABTech for the Job

Trust is integral to nearly every business relationship. It’s the basis of contracts, commercial transactions, and more. Similarly, trust is a foundation for innovation, allowing specialty manufacturers like ABTech the freedom to enact a customer’s vision.
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Air Bearing Stages: Considerations for Design and Selection

ABTech produces a wide range of precision motion machines for three major product categories: air bearing rotary tables, air bearing stages, and air bearing spindles.
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What are Air Bearings and How Do They Work?

When asked the question, "What are air bearings?" one might think of the future. That's because air bearings, which allow components to glide smoothly over a thin film of pressurized air, are a technology analogous to innovation.
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Specialty Manufacturing: Choosing Between Custom and Standard Air Bearing Devices

As a machine tool builder, you face tough-to-make decisions; one is where to source the precision motion components for machine tools. Should you opt for an off-the-shelf supplier or choose a specialty manufacturer? Truthfully, both options have a place.
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Air Bearing Devices: What to Look For When Choosing a Custom Machine Builder

Commissioning a precision motion device involves more diligence than ordering an off-the-shelf unit; it’s about embarking on a journey with a custom machine builder, collaborating throughout the project’s entirety. Understandably, it pays to find a supplier with the necessary skills and experience...
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Single Point Diamond Turning: How Air Bearings Improve Optical Accuracy

As technology advances, many manufacturers require tools with cutting-edge accuracy. Single point diamond turning (SPDT) is one of today's most precise CNC processes. Equipped with an air-bearing spindle, an SPDT machine can finish parts to an accuracy of less than a millionth of an inch.
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A Custom Approach to Air Bearing Design

For many machine builders, there comes a time when off-the-shelf air-bearing devices will not suffice. Sometimes, an existing unit needs a custom component for a retrofit, say, to increase accuracy. And other times, like for new development projects, the air bearing design requires some expert...
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Air Bearing Applications: Common Examples by Industry

Innovative manufacturers are always looking to create a better products. Many are turning to air bearings to achieve this goal as they offer distinct advantages over ball bearings in a variety of applications. This article will cover the basics of air bearings, their benefits, and some common...
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High Precision Rotary Tables: A Quick Guide

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