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Air Bearing vs Contact Bearing: What to Know Before Upgrading

Most engineers start exploring the benefits of air bearings once their manufacturing tolerances drop to less than 1 micron. Why is that?

Unlike mechanical, metal, or ball bearings, an air bearing provides zero-friction operation, absolute repeatability, and requires little maintenance. But it’s an air bearing’s

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Why a Solutions Engineering Approach is Critical for Precision Motion Systems

From aerospace to medical devices, to additive manufacturing, some of the most challenging precision manufacturing environments depend on motion solutions such as air bearings to deliver extraordinary, sub-micron-level accuracies and near-perfect repeatability.

But every precision motion challenge is not created equal!

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Intro to Linear Stages: From the Basics to Design Factors

A linear stage is a motion control device used in many industrial applications. At ABTech, we design, engineer, and build linear stages—they’re one of the main categories of high-performance, precision motion machines we manufacture. 

In this post, we’ll introduce the basics of linear stages, covering:

  • How linear
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Air Bearing Applications: Common Examples by Industry

Innovative manufacturers are always looking to create a better products. Many are turning to air bearings to achieve this goal as they offer distinct advantages over ball bearings in a variety of applications.

This article will cover the basics of air bearings, their benefits, and some common air-bearing applications

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Granite Slab Delivery

Here at ABTech, we’re no strangers to seeing large pieces of granite delivered to our facility. The systems and solutions we create use granite surfaces to ensure maximum flatness and stability. However, we are building a new EAS (Engine Assembly System) that will require something much larger than what we’ve used

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Abtech’s New Toy

This past week Abtech received our highly anticipated new toy. The HURCO VMX 50 Di … (insert Tim “Tool Man” Taylor grunts here). A 3-axis CNC machine that is powerful and designed to handle the flexibility we need to for our custom applications that makes what we do here special. 

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Hello 2022 – Happy New Year!

Last week we wrapped up 2021 with the end-of-year newsletter. And while reflecting on the past year is important, it is also time to think about the future. Progressing into a new year is all about taking a moment to look forward. What are our goals? Where are we going? How will we get there? These are all essential

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ABTech’s 2021 Year End Letter

It goes without saying that this past year was a tough one for everyone. With the uncertainties surrounding health, business, and community in both 2020 and 2021, almost everything was a challenge. That all said, we at ABTech are excited to jump into 2022 because, despite the obstacles, we continued to make strides in

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The Key to Accuracy: Measurement Systems

When working in manufacturing, measurement systems are often the key to accuracy. While we learn how to measure with a ruler in grade school, in these types of environments, precision and exactness are essential; you cannot get those types of measurements with a ruler. Depending on the application and industry, you

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Company Culture Begins with Intention


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