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Precision-Building for Jet Engines: 7 Reasons GE Trusts ABTech for the Job

Trust is integral to nearly every business relationship. It’s the basis of contracts, commercial transactions, and more. Similarly, trust is a foundation for innovation, allowing specialty manufacturers like ABTech the freedom to enact a customer’s vision.
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Air Bearing Stages: Considerations for Design and Selection

ABTech produces a wide range of precision motion machines for three major product categories: air bearing rotary tables, air bearing stages, and air bearing spindles.
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What are Air Bearings and How Do They Work?

When asked the question, "What are air bearings?" one might think of the future. That's because air bearings, which allow components to glide smoothly over a thin film of pressurized air, are a technology analogous to innovation.
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Specialty Manufacturing: Choosing Between Custom and Standard Air Bearing Devices

As a machine tool builder, you face tough-to-make decisions; one is where to source the precision motion components for machine tools. Should you opt for an off-the-shelf supplier or choose a specialty manufacturer? Truthfully, both options have a place.
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Air Bearing Devices: What to Look For When Choosing a Custom Machine Builder

Commissioning a precision motion device involves more diligence than ordering an off-the-shelf unit; it’s about embarking on a journey with a custom machine builder, collaborating throughout the project’s entirety. Understandably, it pays to find a supplier with the necessary skills and experience...
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The Art of Controlling Costs in Custom Machine Design

Precision engineering is a critical part of many advanced industries. Looking at aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, for instance, it’s clear that stringent standards and sub-micron accuracy demands are the norm.
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Sky’s No Limit: NuSTAR’s Launch & ABTech’s Asset Value Recovery – Part 3

In this three-part series, we’ve examined ABTech’s role in assembling the optical module for a NASA space telescope; part 3 concludes the journey with validation testing, the launch of NuSTAR, and some resourceful repurposing by ABTech.
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Sky’s No Limit: Developing the Spindles & Slides for NuSTAR’s Optics Module – Part 2

In this three-part series, we look over ABTech’s contribution to the lenses of NASA’s NuSTAR Telescope; part 2 covers the project’s daring timeline and high standards of workmanship.
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SPIE Optifab 2023: Highlights from ABTech’s Booth

ABTech’s team recently returned from Rochester, New York after attending SPIE Optifab 2023. It was a rainy weekend in Upstate New York, but our team was cozy at the event, and we felt sunny while visiting with friends, new and old. As we wrote in our event preview, we consider this event a...
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Sky’s No Limit: NASA Engages ABTech in Building the NuSTAR Telescope – Part 1

Image credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory In this series, we’ll recount how ABTech’s expertise shaped the lenses of NASA’s NuSTAR space telescope; part 1 looks at the project approach, engineering design, and plans for validation. As the NuSTAR telescope observes another year in space, the...
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