What’s Happening at SPIE Optifab?

The International Society for Optics and Photonics, or SPIE, is dual hosting Optifab with the American Precision Optics Manufacturing Association this week in Rochester, New York. This event is the largest optical manufacturing conference in North America. With exhibitors from all over the world and a variety of presentations and events, this trade show is bound to be worthwhile for many optics professionals.

Who’s Showing Off?

This Optifab conference has a plethora of exhibitors in attendance. And across the exhibitors are a variety of applications including, lens manufacturing, optical design and engineering, optics manufacturing, advanced imaging, video surveillance, and more. Whether you are looking for a lens supplier or an equipment manufacturer such as ABTech, you will find someone to connect with at this show.

What is There to Learn?

Beyond the exhibits, there will be tons of presentations and events throughout the week. Presentations include learning how to use optical interference filters to get high-sensitivity measurements of autofluorescence, history and future market requirements of optical glass, and everything in between. Plus, there will be various networking and social events to learn more about, and make connections with, other professionals in the industry. It is safe to say that everyone in attendance will stay busy.

Why Make a Visit?

There are plenty of professionals to meet and tons of opportunities to learn at Optifab; what does this mean for participants, though? It means making connections with others in business, which could lead to sales, partnerships, or even mentorships. But it also means gaining a greater understanding of optics, leading to potential company growth. And for visitors not associated with a business at the show, it could mean networking for new professional roles. No matter the reason for being at the show, everyone will get something out of it. And with that, we at ABTech hope to connect with you there.