“Pride in Precision” and “Pride in People”

Pride in Precision

 What does it all mean?

“Pride in Precision” and “Pride in People.” What does it all mean? These are not just mottos for nice plaques in an office but the driving forces throughout ABTech. They were created collectively by everyone in the company and resonate with how we do business, internally and externally.

First, “Pride in Precision” is really what we do. We design and build specialty motion systems and measurement equipment using frictionless air bearings that achieve accuracies of a micro-inch or better! How accurate is that, you ask? Imagine dividing one inch into a million pieces. Or take the thickness of an average human hair and slice it 3500 times! Can’t picture that? Don’t worry, no one can. These are not visible to the human eye but are the types of accuracy levels required in many aerospace, optics, bearing, and spindle applications, and ABTech does it with pride.

Attitude is Everything

For ABTech, our pride comes in chasing that last millionth of an inch and struggling with stopping at “good enough.” It’s a “whatever it takes” attitude shared by everyone throughout the company. There are not many companies in the world that can produce this level of quality and performance, but our small business in New Hampshire does it every day.

Pride in People” is taking that same type of extra effort to make the best of every interaction we have with everyone we come in contact with. This is not an exclusive group; we are equal opportunity practitioners of our culture in our community as well!

There are four simple principles that make up this cultural framework:

  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Be There for Each Other
  • Make Their Day
  • Have Fun!

This all takes a lot of practice and involves a high level of emotional intelligence. We don’t let negative feelings fester; we have developed skills to provide feedback to turn uncomfortable situations into positives.  We are continually learning to use these tools to understand what triggers us (and those around us) as well as help coach each other through potentially awkward conversations. The result is a truly caring environment where we enjoy our work and everyone pulls together for the common good.

As our mission statement says:

We share a commitment to make better every interaction with each other, our customers, vendors, and community by continuously building a more collaborative culture and creating sustainability.

We provide a lifetime of quality, reliability, support, and expertise in ultra-precision air-bearing motion systems, metrology systems, and custom engineered solutions representing the best overall value to companies that are looking for a partnership, not just a vendor.

Whether you are a customer, a potential employee, a CEO, or just curious and would like to learn more, our doors are open at ABTech and we invite you to come see our culture with intention in action.