Customized Engine Assembly Systems for New GE9X Engine

GE Aviation’s latest engine development; the new GE9X engine, is so large that bigger Engine Assembly Systems (EAS) were required for individual part measurement and engine buildup. ABTech worked with GE and its manufacturing partners to understand what was required of them and made modifications to the standard EAS3000 model. The two new platforms shown below were designed for measuring the compressor and turbine cases up to 60″ in diameter and to allow access to surfaces deep inside the parts.

New GE9X Engine with Computer

EAS3000-2TV with Dual Counterbalanced Towers with Two Gage Arms Each and Secondary Vertical Deep Bore Extensions on the Upper Arms

New GE9X Engine EAS3000-1TGS

EAS3000-1TGS with Single Counterbalanced Tower with Secondary Vertical Deep Bore Extension on the Upper Arm, and an Inspection Style Gage Stand with Dual Arms