Granite Slab Delivery

Here at ABTech, we’re no strangers to seeing large pieces of granite delivered to our facility. The systems and solutions we create use granite surfaces to ensure maximum flatness and stability. However, we are building a new EAS (Engine Assembly System) that will require something much larger than what we’ve used before.

Granite slab delivery

This massive piece of granite weighs in at an astonishing 21,000lbs. At first glance, it looked immovable. The size of the surface alone is comparable to a dining room table. We fortunately had the expertise and experience of Diggins & Rose Moving Systems to complete the delivery process.

The first part of the process involved jacking the granite up off of the wood that it was placed on. The movers did this by using individual

hydraulic jacks on each corner. After that, the wood was removed so the forklift could be slid underneath. The weight capacity of the forklift was truly astonishing. The slab was then brought safely into the facility.

Once the slab was close to where it needed to be, it was time to move it by hand. The movers jacked up the slab and placed dolly’s underneath in order to roll it into its final position. This process involved some fine adjustments to ensure the granite was in the right spot. Even with wheels, pushing something of this weight didn’t seem like an easy task.

Granite delivery

Once the position was close, the impressive size of the slab was more apparent to everyone. We decided on a spot under our large flag and the movers from Diggins & Rose placed it perfectly. There was still one smaller (yet still very heavy) piece of granite that needed to be brought in. That process was much faster than the one before and the movers made it look easy. 

The large slab will be used for an Engine Assembly System designed around a hydrostatic rotary table. It will be

capable of assembling power turbines that weigh 35,000lbs. This is just one of the many innovative things we work on developing every day!