Company Culture Begins with Intention


Company culture is often noted as an essential element to successful business practice; culture being the shared goals, morals, and personalities in a workplace. At ABTech, we have made great strides toward a culture that we are proud to stand behind. We have built a culture with intention, one with meaning. We have pride in our precision and an abundance of pride in our people. But let’s dive a bit deeper to learn more about what that really means.


The Building Blocks

As stated by Ken Abbott, President of ABTech, “Every company has a culture, whether you work on it or not. When you get a group of people together, it becomes a combination of everybody’s personality and character. If you don’t work on it, it can become quite a toxic monster.” ABTech has a culture with intention, which means there is a purpose, and we have something tangible that we work on together.

Our organizational philosophies did not just magically appear, though. We built the culture from the ground up with our Principles of Collaboration. These include choosing our attitude, supporting each other, putting effort into making someone else’s day, and never losing sight of having fun. We also put an emphasis on our pride in precision and our pride in people. Having these core principles that we can all get behind, help to bind us together, building a culture that not only makes us successful but that we enjoy.

Pride in Precision

When working on an organization’s culture, it is important to have something that everyone, no matter the business role, can work toward achieving. At ABTech, that “something” is precision. We believe that focusing on the well-being of our customers – providing them with high precision, accurate equipment – makes every interaction better. We focus on discovering, collaborating, quoting, executing, implementing, and always following up. This makes us unique and gives us a shared goal, which brings us closer as people.

Pride in People

Speaking of people, we also hold pride in people. Without people, ABTech – and any other company for that matter – would cease to exist. The people in our company, our clients, and our community all help to keep us going. Investing in these relationships helps to drive the success of this business and its culture. People are always the most important part of the equation whether it is professional or personal matters. That is why we at ABTech have pride in people and pride in our relationships with said people.

Meaningful Culture is Essential

Whether you are a massive corporation or a small local business, putting effort toward a meaningful workplace culture is essential to success. But culture is all-inclusive, all or nothing; it is necessary to have goals and ideals that everyone can get behind and work toward together. This cannot be something that is only pushed from the top. So at ABTech, we bring all of the people together with our principles, our pride in precision. We are our culture, and our culture is us.