ABTech Celebrates the Successful Launch of the NuSTAR Telescope

ABTech’s employees gathered to watch the launch of NASA’s NuSTAR x-ray telescope, applauding when it successfully reached final orbit and the solar arrays were deployed.

ABTech designed and manufactured two custom ultra-precision air-bearing assembly machines that the optical technicians at Columbia University used to make the optics modules for NuSTAR. This project is yet another example of the company’s motto: “Pride In Precision.”

NASA’s NuSTAR Mission Begins

Wed, 13 Jun 2012 12:26:12 PM EDT

Confirmation of the successful deployment of NuSTAR’s solar arrays has been received. The spacecraft’s science mission begins in about 30 days.

The 772-pound NuSTAR will spend at least two years observing high-energy X-rays more closely, in higher resolution, than any space telescope before it. On the electromagnetic spectrum, high-energy X-rays are beyond the scope of visible light and are challenging to detect. NuSTAR’s advanced design uses two sets of 133 thin, nested shells of mirrors to capture the X-rays as they bounce off the reflecting surfaces at glancing angles. The expected result is an orbiting observatory that enables astronomers to see the universe in an additional band of light, advancing our understanding of how galaxies form and evolve.